2013 Sydney Royal Frog and Reptile Show Results


1st: Tiarne Northey
2nd: Jake Janos
3rd: Wade Faber

Blue Tongues

1st: Dasha Newington (2nd highest scoring lizard)
2nd: Anne Tavener
3rd: Karen Russell


1st: Herman Mitchell
2nd: Herman Mitchell
3rd: Eoin Noble


1st: James Biddle
2nd: Dean Bullock
3rd: Amy Cohen


1st: Karen Russell
2nd: Marie Callens
3rd: Jake Janos

Albino Pythons

1st: Luke Wainwright (highest scoring snake)
2nd: Darren Whittaker
3rd: Luke Wainwright

Anteresia Pythons

1st: Peter Birch (2nd highest scoring snake)
2nd: Peter Birch
3rd: James Cicca

Carpet Pythons

1st: Amanda Jones
2nd: Amanda Jones
3rd: Luke Wainwright

Diamond Pythons

1st: Luke Wainwright
2nd: Wade Faber
3rd: Amanda Jones

Jungle Pythons

1st: Luke Waingwright
2nd: Amanda Jones
3rd: Amanda Jones

Woma Pythons

1st: Anne Swanson
2nd: Tracey Cornish
3rd: Luke Wainwright

Colourful Critter's Encouragement Award

Aiyden & Caleb Fillipetto

Highest Placed Youth

Lizards: Jake Janos
Snakes: James Cicca

Runner Up to Grand Champion

Luke Wainwright (Albino Python)

Grand Champion

Tiarne Northey (Boyd's Forest Dragon)


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